Forget everything you think you know about high-intensity workouts. Because INSANITY turns old-school interval training on its head.

If you’ve ever been to a Spin class, you know how that works. You motor along at a moderate pace for awhile – then all at once, you kick up your speed and heart rate – just for a minute or so. After that, it’s back to a lower gear, giving you plenty of time to catch your breath.

But with INSANITY, you do exactly the opposite. You work flat out in 3 to 5-minute blocks, and take breaks only long enough to gulp some air and get right back to work. It’s called Max Interval Training, because it keeps your body working at maximum capacity through your entire workout. You keep pushing your limits – so your body has to adapt. That’s how you get in such insane shape in just 60 days.

Owner and Lead Trainer, Bridgett Comer, is an Insanity Live certified instructor. The live program gives students the authentic Insanity experience just like the DVD’s but in a group setting with new moves and constant variation to keep your body challenged and you coming back for more.

The Insanity Live Work Out

Get ready for the most insane 50 min of your life. We start off with a warm-up and focus block to get your blood flowing and mind focused. The we follow with 8.5 min of plyometrics and speed, 4 exercises, 3 sets each. Next we do 3 sets of strength and stability, followed by agility and coordination, to work your muscles and mind. We end the class with abs and core, then a much deserved cool down. There may even be a little surprise round in there to make sure you are digging deep!

Short on time, not a problem. We also offer a 30 min Insane Strength, Abs, and Core option to get you strong and fit in less time.