Three primary rules will be taught to encourage good decision-making in threatening or potential “bullying” situations:

  1. Avoid fighting at all costs.
  2. If someone does attack you, defend yourself to the best of your abilities.
  3. Never cause more harm to your attacker than is necessary to protect yourself.

In addition to anti-bullying techniques, fitness will also be emphasized in the program. Circuit training style workouts, obstacle courses, problem solving and critical thinking skills will also be incorporated.

Our Program:

Krav Club 4 kids is the premier children’s self-defense program in Colorado. In a world full of bullies and predators, every child deserves to be taught the skills needed to keep them safe when mom and dad may not be around. The Vanguard Krav Maga curriculum we use is tailored to combat against common situations our children may face. Not only do we teach physical skills to combat an attack, we teach awareness to hopefully avoid the attack, and what to do after an attack should one occur.

We offer regular Krav4Kids Club as well as numerous after school enrichment programs. Give your kid the best chance possible in life. Unfortunately, the world is a scary place. Our proven system gives your child the tools necessary to walk with peace and handle any given situation.