Meet Our Trainers

Bridgett Comer

Owner and lead Trainer of RMSD. My personal training style reflects my love of Krav Maga and the hit workout DVD’s Insanity. Utilizing self-defense techniques, boxing combo’s, and high intensity interval training we’ll work multiple muscle groups to give you the best result possible in the shortest period of time. Looking for a meal plan to help supplement your training? I am also carry a certificate in general nutrition and will work with you on a full nutrition plan.

Brittany Hughs

The redhead you were warned about:In training and in life I believe you should find something enjoyable about it. When I started my journey I would laugh as I crumbled under 1 push-up. Not because it wasn’t hard, embarrassing or disappointing but because when I laughed it gave me motivation to do more.We don’t touch fire because it hurts. Some have gained that same mentality with all types of training. I want to show you that even if it’s hard at first it’s something you can still enjoy.



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